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Bob Hummer

Simple yoga room ideas to improve your focus & relaxation

by Bob Hummer 06/11/2024

If you want to create a relaxing space for home exercise and meditation, yoga room ideas might be a great place to begin. Setting up a yoga room can have many benefits, especially for those who might not want to join a public yoga studio or gym. 

But how do you create the perfect home yoga space? Here are some of the things to consider when dreaming up your own yoga studio:

What to consider before you get started

One of the great things about yoga as a form of exercise and relaxation is that it doesn’t require cumbersome equipment. Anywhere you can unroll your yoga mat is enough space to practice. 

However, there are definite advantages to separating your yoga space from the rest of your living space, even if it’s only a corner of the bedroom.

Why do you need a dedicated yoga room?

Yoga is best performed in a peaceful space where we can relax, apart from our everyday surroundings. Elements such as light, colors, scent or art can transform your brain into the right state of mind for your yoga practice. 

A specially designed home yoga room (or a portion thereof) provides an experience similar to a group session but without the hassles of traveling, crowds or cost. 

Design with intention

There’s no right or wrong way to design a home yoga studio, but there are some guidelines you can follow to get started. Some yoga experts recommend designing intentionally to remove outside stressors and distractions. 

It also helps to think about your personal yoga goals. For instance, you might design a space to enhance your workout and aid your personal progress. Or, you might prefer a quieter and calmer space for finding inner peace.

How to create a home yoga room

At the very least, your yoga room will need enough square footage to accommodate your practice. This means your first step will likely be decluttering the space and creating an open area for maximum flexibility. 

Some other recommendations for the perfect yoga space include:

  • Mirrors to aid your alignment & form.
  • Streamlined storage to house any necessary equipment.
  • Muted, relaxing wall & textile hues.
  • Plenty of soft, natural light.
  • Houseplants or other fresh greenery to connect with nature.

No matter how much extra room you might have at home, consider making a dedicated space for yoga. You’ll likely find yourself more focused, engaged and able to enjoy the benefits of physical and mental exercise.